Privacy Policy

We value our customers highly and that is why we ensure that the information you share with us is treated with high security standards and the best encryption. The following policy details the way we gather information and disseminate them.

Please note that by accessing our website you are providing us with consent to use the information you share with us as outlined in this privacy policy statement.

Collection of information

We collect the information that you provide to us while using our website and store them securely for future references and uses. Our objective while collecting information from you is to provide you with a smooth experience and an efficient processing. The information we collect is used to deduct and arrive at the preferences of our customers so as to cater to the individual needs of every person visiting our site.

The browsing of the website does not require you to provide us with any personal data. However, when you are making a purchase or making a query, you have to provide us with some minimum information that will be used as outlined in this policy.

Usage of information

The information that we collect like your name, address and other details are stored safely as per the current industrial standards on protection and are used as outlined below.

  1. We use your information to understand your likes, preferences, etc.
  2. We might ask your opinion on our products, fill out some surveys, etc. as part of our marketing campaign.
  3. The information we collect are also used for marketing campaigns, like emails on new product launches, sales flyers, brochures, etc.

We do not share the information that you share with us to anyone, unless there is a legal notification to provide the same.


Our web browser makes use of cookies to assimilate and disseminate information from our users. We use cookies to know the pages where you have spent most time, the merchandise that has caught your attention, etc. to help analyze the buyer behavior patterns.

Third party ads

We also use third party advertisements in our website and upon clicking this adverts, you will be directed to their website. The advertisements and their websites do not fall under the purview of our privacy policy. You would want to check their website’s privacy policy to know more.

Please note that our privacy policy is subjected to change at any time with no notice. We recommend that you read this policy regularly to be kept abreast of any changes made to it. When you are visiting our website you are automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions as outlined in this privacy policy.

You can reach out to us any day if you have any questions.


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