Pacters Classy Messenger Laptop Briefcase Bag.-BLACK

Pacters Classy Messenger Laptop Briefcase Bag.-BLACK

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Brand: Pacters
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Material Leather
Capacity 25l
Water resistant yes
Care easy to take care
Extra benefits water resistance
Other features classy look

  • EASY TO CARRY BAG: Laptop Messenger Bag. It is convenient, comfortable and easy to carry; it is very helpful for professional and laptop users to carry their laptop in style.
  • STRAP WITH A HANDLE: Laptop bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for carrying the bag in a convenient way and easy carry handle for comfortable handling; the bag is easy to carry without any discomfort
  • COOL LOOK: The most important aspects of this laptop bag are its stylish look and Leather material
  • Legal Disclaimer: Pacters is a registered trademark."
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